Throwback Thursday: Dancing with Daedelus

I discovered Daedelus a few years ago when I premiered a track from his newest album, Bespoke, at my college radio station. Bespoke is filled with haunting vocals paired with unconventional instruments like the accordion and brass horns, it creates a 70’s disco feel infused with 80’s synth and tied together with Daedelus’s signature electronic beats. Yet, his studio albums are a stark contrast to his live DJ sets. Both platforms demonstrate Daedelus’s wide and imaginative range of musical capabilities.

Daedalus in Greek mythology refers to artful craftsmanship and it is no wonder Alfred Darlington chose Daedelus as his stage name. The L.A based producer performed at Verboten last month and brought his west coast chill to upbeat New York City. Throughout his set Daedelus produced hypnotizing riffs– strong fast-paced beats intertwined with whimsical smoothness creating a musical labyrinth that the crowd and I got lost in.

Music comes naturally to Daedelus, the beats come from within him and his signature spazztastic dancing is always in sync with the next drop. Much like a conductor, Daedelus moved the crowd effortlessly to his whim. It is no surprise, Daedelus has an incredible stage presence and a million-watt smile that could power his dynamic light show. His transitions are so effortless that I didn’t realize when one song finished and another started. The two hour long DJ set danced itself to a close and I found myself drenched in sweat and feeling euphoric. The purple lights slowly dimmed and the crowd awoke from its daze just in time to see Daedelus’s radiant grin disappear from view.

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