Rozzcoe is the pseudonym for Miami born photographer and anthropologist, Jessie O. Through her lens and in this blog Rozzcoe observes the intersectionality between culture, food, and the arts.

Rozzcoe’s Background

Rozzcoe is a proud Queer Latina born and raised in Miami. As the daughter of  Nicaraguan refugees, immigration rights, Latinx studies, and Identity are close to her heart and central to her current research. She is a self-taught photographer bringing visibility to the Brown and Black communities.

Rozzcoe the Anthropologist

Rozzcoe is trained as a political anthropologist concentrating on Italian culture. She lived in the ‘cradle of the Renaissance’ Firenze, Italy; during her stay, she witnessed the artistry behind food first-hand and walked among great works of art. Her art and writing reflects her insatiable love for the relationship between food and culture specifically the food cultures she has encountered during her travels in Italy, Central America, and the U.S. Rozzcoe’s current research focuses on LGBTQ visibility in Nicaragua.

Rozzcoe in the Big Apple

Now back state side, Rozzcoe works in higher education where she curates Italian cultural events and coordinates social media. She advocates for her gente on racial and economic justice issues. On the weekends you can find her in her Brooklyn neighborhood staging an impromptu photo shoot or hosting a dinner party, sometimes simultaneously.


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