Throwback Thursday: Dancing with Daedelus

I discovered Daedelus a few years ago when I premiered a track from his newest album, Bespoke, at my college radio station. Bespoke is filled with haunting vocals paired with unconventional instruments like the accordion and brass horns, it creates a 70’s disco feel infused with 80’s synth and tied together with Daedelus’s signature electronic … More Throwback Thursday: Dancing with Daedelus

Pel’s Pies & Co. Arrives in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

I live in a quiet residential neighborhood in Brooklyn where the nightlife is non existent and until recently, there were no neighborhood hangouts. Pel’s Pies & Co. has moved into the neighborhood bringing with it a revolving collection of baked daily pies.  They focus on creating sweet and one of a kind pies but they … More Pel’s Pies & Co. Arrives in Prospect Lefferts Gardens