Throwback Thursday: Dancing with Daedelus

I discovered Daedelus a few years ago when I premiered a track from his newest album, Bespoke, at my college radio station. Bespoke is filled with haunting vocals paired with unconventional instruments like the accordion and brass horns, it creates a 70’s disco feel infused with 80’s synth and tied together with Daedelus’s signature electronic … More Throwback Thursday: Dancing with Daedelus

Top 5 Quintessential Spring Exhibitions in NYC 2015

The five artists below bring a breath of fresh air to the art world. Each artist has a unique style and all of their works are thought provoking, sometimes even pushing the viewers comfort level. The artists, which are all people of color, share overlapping themes such as social commentary regarding gender, race, subcultures, or heritage. … More Top 5 Quintessential Spring Exhibitions in NYC 2015